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 Sprig & Vine
450 Union Square Drive, New Hope, Pa
-  ongoing  -


Juli Snyder is a Philadelphia based abstract artist, Temple University graduate and feminist. She started painting in 2000.


For as long as she can remember, she has loved texture and felt a need to create. Glitter, rhinestones and DIY perfume kits became an obsession with darkroom photography. Eventually, she focused solely on abstract acrylic painting. 


She has had numerous exhibitions, shown work on both coasts, and has work in both private and permanent collections. In October 2019 she was chosen for an art residency in Iceland, where she created some of her most experimental work. Iceland provided prolonged profound calm and a permeating sense of peace unlike anything she'd ever experienced.

She hopes to visit there again


Juli is an advocate for mental health and animals. She currently lives with her rescue dog, Lemon Pie.



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Past shows

Past Exhibitions

Artist, Reader, Writer II, Da Vinci Art Alliance, 704 Catherine St, Phila, Pa
Perennial Visions II, Da Vinci Art Alliance, 704 Catherine St, Phila, Pa
Manayunk Arts Festival, Main St, Phila
6x6: The International Small Art Phenomenon, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, NY
The Barnes Foundation (Let's Connect Philly), 2025 Ben Franklin Parkway, Phila, Pa
Small World Coffee, 254 Nassau St, Princeton, NJ
Art for the Cash Poor, 1400 N. American St, Philadelphia, Pa
Cafe Lift, 428 N. 13th St, Phila, Pa
Industrious, 230 S. Broad St, Phila, Pa
Cella Luxuria, 1214 Chestnut St, Phila, Pa
Music for the Arts, Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore, Pa
Good Karma, 331 S. 22nd St, Phila, Pa
Good Karma, 928 Pine St, Phila, Pa
Keystone Property Group, 1000 Westlakes Dr., Berwyn, Pa
Derek's Restaurant, Manayunk, Pa
Opal Designs, Wayne, Pa
Good Karma, 331 S. 22nd St, Phila, Pa
Maha Yoga, 1700 Sansom St., Phila Pa
Townley Gallery, Laguna Beach, Ca
Balance Gallery, Phila, Pa
Town Hall Coffee,  Phila, Pa
Chhaya Café, Phila, Pa
Good Karma, 2319 Walnut St., Phila, Pa
Town Hall Coffee, Phila, Pa
SOLO Exhibit/Art Expo New York, Ny
Robin’s Egg Gallery, Lambertville, Nj
Leonard Nelson Gallery, Bryn Mawr, Pa (featured artist)
Good Karma, 331 S. 22nd St., Phila, Pa
Good Karma, 928 Pine St., Phila, Pa
Headhouse, Phila, Pa
Mugshots, Phila, Pa
The Bishop’s Collar, Phila, Pa
Passional Boutique, Phila, Pa
The Beehive Salon, Phila, Pa
The Beehive Salon, Phila, Pa
Big Jar Books, Phila, Pa

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