Artist Statement



Art and animals have been my sanctuary as long as I can remember.


They've been there for me through thick and thin, and when I felt there was no one I could turn to. 


They're similar in that they always accept you, always approve of you, no matter what - exactly as you are. There's no need to hide what you feel or pretend to be something you're not.


My paintings are packed with dynamic energy, brilliant colors and studded with accents of warm gold. At times, they have a quiet, zen-like feel.

When creating, I've found my best work comes when I can suspend judgement, willing my brain to go mainly on auto-pilot; willing my hands be guided. With each mark or addition of color, there's an intuitive assessment that takes place. The creative process is very subconscious for me. If I get stuck and am not sure how to proceed, I'll ask a piece what it needs and listen for an answer.


I do believe there's something bigger than us, and a multitude of opportunities present themselves when we practice taking our focus off of the constant grind, and putting that energy into belief in ourselves.

Coll's Power of Now hi res.jpg